What is green hydrogen?

Hydrogen – our future energy source

Hydrogen is swiftly gaining traction as a means of making our world less green-house-gas intensive for our energy needs.

It acts as a primary energy source, as well as a storage medium (like a battery) for taking the power when its produced and storing it for when its needed in hydrogen form. Hydrogen can be used in gas or liquid form to replace hydrocarbons (gas/petrol/diesel/coal/oil etc.) and is a viable fuel alternative. But not all hydrogen is equal, most of the hydrogen produced today is from hydrocarbon-based energy systems. Except ‘green’ hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is the term given to producing hydrogen fuel exclusively using renewable energy electricity – this can be done on a large scale using huge on- or offshore wind, solar farms or other primary electricity generation sources, or on a community scale by powering a scaled down solution using smaller wind turbines, solar panels and so on.

This is where Water to Water comes in, we are helping communities around the world realise their green hydrogen potential, by helping them unlock the technical and commercial means.

For more information, have a look at Hydrogen Europe’s website.